A Dog Under Attack

By Elsa in motion
Wednesday, February 22, 2017

This week I was attacked by a Rottweiler during my walk and if it wasn’t for the foolishness of the human, it could have ended badly.

We walk a different path everyday, repeating the trails and roads close to our house randomly, at the moment there are lots of hunters, so I must be on a leash, albeit a long one. We must also keep to the roads, no trails or forests because of the hunters' shooting. I have a big garden to run when I'm not on my off territory walks.

Anyway, at least once a week we do a very long walk and pass in front a house that have a beautiful horse and a Rottweiler. This dog is normally inside or on leash. We meet from time to time, living close by, and every time we both must be controlled by our respective humans as we hate each other. Can't say why, it's a dog thing.

Elsa, English Setter dog, laying flat on a sofa looking tired

So this week we were passing in front of the Rottweiler's house, he was nowhere to be seen and we were happily continuing with our walk. Suddenly we looked and saw the Rottweiler disobey his recall and run towards us at full speed, his human was about two hundred meters away.

Normally this Rottweiler obeys and stops on command, he's got a better recall than me, but this time he didn't. I kind of understand why he didn't stop, we were in front of his house. I've been in this situation with him before, but he didn't attack when we were both in neutral territory.

I don't know how long it took for the Rottweiler's human to arrive, but it seemed like an eternity... The scene would be comical, weren't we, human and I, in danger. The human managed to put herself between the Rottweiler and me, but the Rottweiler was determined to catch me, so he was trying to get around the human and at every turn she moved me to the opposite side, all the while staying always between us, trying to get him to stop. A few times she startled him for what seemed like a millisecond, before he focused his attention back on me again. I don't even know how the three of us did not ended all tangled up on my five meters leash!

We live in the countryside and there are very few people who actually take care and walk their dogs here, this guy is one of the good ones.
The Rottweiler's human arrived and leashed the beast, as I'll call him from now on. The beast wasn't easily leashed and was still intent in coming after me. I was barking in fear and my human was trying to calm me down.

The humans exchanged a few words, my human was shaken, a bit lost for words and worried about my well being. The beast's human apologized and said he normally obeys, he just wanted to play, the usual. He was also distraught by the whole situation and kind of not knowing what to say.

I couldn't calm down, so my human, said sorry she's too scared and crossed the road and as I relaxed she said goodbye and we left. I spent the rest of the day stressed and shadowing the human closely.

Elsa, English Setter dog, staring up at the camera

By law in France, the Rottweiler should be on a leash and muzzled. I wish he had at least a muzzle, so his bites wouldn't be a danger as he tried to catch me, while the human was endangering herself to avoid it happening.

The human has no intention to report the beast's owner. We live in the countryside and there are very few people who actually take care and walk their dogs here, this guy is one of the good ones. Luckily nothing serious happened because if it had, the choice wouldn't be ours as bites may be reported by health officials or vets.

I don't know the solution, should we walk with a citronella spray? And if the sprayed dog becomes more aggressive? Should every dog owner have a break stick? By the time you need a stick someone is already hurt. Should all dogs be muzzled?

Sorry about the rant, but this is not the first time I'm attacked on my walks. I was attacked by a German Sheppard not far from home, and a few others dogs, my tendency to attract trouble is worrisome.

What happened is unfortunate, I am somewhat reactive with other dogs, my human have been working very hard with me for the past three years and now we are not sure which effect, if any, this attack will have on me.

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